About Me
Kim Tomsic

Kim Tomsic was born on an American military base in Italy and has lived in a lot of U.S. cities. Yep! That means she was the new girl at many many schools. She is now a declared extrovert and enjoys helping others connect. Although Kim admires nice shoes, she’s extra-awkward in heels and can usually be found wearing flip-flops and dashing off to a yoga class.

Fast Facts: Kim is a reader, writer, dreamer, believer, exclamation-point abuser, lover of peanut M&Ms, devourer of ling-hi-muis, and fan of all things children’s literature. She teaches at UCLA Extensions, SNHU, and DU, and she is active with the SCBWI. Kim claims three super-powers: parallel parking, fierce loyalty, dogged enthusiasm. She has one husband, two children, and an adorable pooch—all keep her laughing.

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