The Truth About 5th Grade
The Truth About 5th Grade

A funny he-said she-said diary on perspective and what really went down in 5th grade, co-written and illustrated by Kim Tomsic and award-winning comic artist, Mark Parisi (HarperCollins August 2024)!

*Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy KidThe Tapper Twins, and Invisible Emmie.

Charlotte “Charli” Wilson thought Alex Andropov would always be her best BFF in the whole wide world. From crushes to butterfly phobias to secret hidden blankies, there’s never been a secret they couldn’t share. Charli even showed Alex the supersecret hiding spot for her diary. But when school starts and Charli learns that Alex has betrayed her by sharing her biggest, most secretest secret, she realizes that maybe her bestie isn’t so great after all.

Meanwhile, Alex has no idea what he’s done wrong. He doesn’t know why Charli’s not talking to him. He has no choice (right? RIGHT?) but to take her diary and try to correct the record. There’s always two sides to the truth—especially in fifth grade.

With hilarious illustrations and outrageous twists on every page, this is the perfect story for fans of Diary of a Wimpy KidThe Tapper Twins, and Invisible Emmie.

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Editorial Reviews

“The truth is: readers are going to LOVE this HILARIOUS he-said/she-said diary!” — Sarah Mlynowski, author of the NYT Bestselling Whatever After series

“The book includes plenty of humor, such as a memory of a ladybug flying up Alex’s nose… The illustrations are appealing and break up the text, making it accessible to reluctant readers. … Lively, fun, and deeply relatable.”  — Kirkus Reviews

“As the besties struggle to get on the same page, [Alex and Charli] navigate friendship rivalries, pranks, and violations of privacy via fast-paced chapters that highlight their differences—and similarities—and offer laugh-out-loud moments.”  — Publishers Weekly

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